Monday, January 26, 2009

Galway edges closer

The birthday weekend away with the lads to Galway is just a few days away and I'm really looking forward to that - and I'm also feeling a lot better after a largely well managed/behaved month on the diabetes front - much needed after a pretty slack 2008.

We didn't manage to get away for a family walk this weekend as Trina wasn't well (blaming some garlic bread rather than copious amounts of Cava on Saturday night) and with me being away next week, the walks will resume in February. (God, February already!)

Work wise and it's starting to get to the 'business-end' on a few projects (where we submit the titles for final approval) and getting very close to announcing one or two in more detail, which will probably be some time next month.

The onset of February also means the start of my usual work-related travel cycle, with a trip out the USA and then GDC again in March.

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