Tuesday, February 03, 2009

"What about the pig?"

Well, back from a fun-filled 3 days in Galway with a pretty impressive hangover, albeit not from where I am sat. 

Kudos to those that assisted in a variety of social crimes that helped us create a not inconsiderable tidal wave of fun. So thanks to Andy (Vad), Slatts, Joe, Koops, Bry, Gordon, John L, Ste, John P, Law, Mick and Micky W.

Amongst the very many highlights, few compare with the look on the citizens of Galway as we paraded around in a Horse mask. Having young kids run up and point shouting "Harse!" was unforgettable, as was the nonsense we got up to with it.

Everyone was on great form and we managed to all pretty much get back before the country was closed due to the bloody snow that's now causing havoc.

I've been back 24hrs and am only just starting to feel a little better now. I've got a ton of work to do and am also worrying about my travel plans coming up with the transport system in a right mess. Oh hum.

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