Thursday, February 05, 2009

Jet Set Willies

I was supposed to be going to London today, for a bunch of meetings and an industry jury tonight, but the bloody weather put paid to my travels. No refund on the train ticket, nor hotel, due to me cancelling, despite "severe disruption".

So, after cancelling all my meetings and apologising all day, I get around to trying to avoid similar issues on Sunday whereby I'm due to fly Leeds-London-San Fran, given Leeds is forecast to have heavy snow this weekend. We have an important meeting on Monday (in Seattle, where we fly to shortly after landing in San Fran) and I'd really not have the stress of not knowing what's going on - I have travel detail OCD and hate it if I know there's a chance something may go awry.

So, to pre-empt the fact that Leeds airport is highly likely to be closed, or heavily delaying/cancelling flights on Sunday morning, I booked a hotel at Heathrow and decided that we'd go from there rather than the shuttle-plane from Leeds... all well and good until I double check that's fine with the airline. Of course it isn't, my ticket has a no route alteration to it, which means I can't skip a section and have to fly from Leeds, no matter if the airport has been hit by a nuke or not. It's left me pretty angry and stressed - and had to cancel another hotel. So now I'm just on tenterhooks until Saturday night/Sunday morning and it'll all depend on the weather at 5am Sunday morning (we're on a 7am flight). 

Jet set my arse. If the Leeds flight is delayed or cancelled, we could end up anywhere and if they ask us to jump on a bus to Heathrow, I don't know what I'll do...

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