Saturday, February 07, 2009

First big trip of the year and other news.

After first recovering from the hedonistic beer & gin swill-a-thon that was Galway '09 last weekend, next up is 3 flights to Seattle, Washington, on the west coast of the USA. I've spent a few days worrying about the trip given the stop-start weather and fortunately the signs are that we should be OK, as a very cold, clear night is forecast. I'll just need to take it steady on the drive up there since Leeds-Bradford airport is somewhat out in the sticks.

It'll be a very long day, a 4am start, 7am first flight, 10.30am flight from London to San Fran, 3hr stop and then onto Seattle, picking up a car and then driving to Bellevue, east of Seattle, where we are for 3 nights (we have a 6am flight on Weds to Los Angeles, before jetting back up to San Fran for the rest of the meetings).

Anyway, touch-wood it all goes well, we've got a bunch of meetings and catch-ups and it's going to be pretty whirlwind. In 7 weeks we're back to SF again for GDC and that's already looking like a busy week as usual, I'm not normally booking meetings 7 weeks in advance though.

Also this week, the german ratings board (USK) unwittingly revealed Worms for PSN, which I can confirm is in the works and we'll reveal more in the official press release. It's pretty sweet and should do well, Alien Breed is also coming on well too :)

We're discussing these and other titles over in the USA, news of that stuff will eek out over the coming weeks/months.


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