Monday, January 05, 2009

Too much like hard work.

Selecting a family holiday, that's what's too much like hard work. It ought to be a pleasure.

After being thoroughly rained off in our last few attempts to holiday 'at home' (i.e. in the UK) we've been contemplating where to go this year. In truth the family was lavishly spoilt last year when we toured the US West Coast - and much of that was really making up for the last 3-4yrs when I've travelled approx 3 or months of the year through work - a bit of pay back if you will.

But this years a real stickler, the holiday period has to be arranged around a fairly busy work schedule, the kids holidays (they differ now that my eldest Jack is at secondary) and what the Mrs can get off at her work. Then there's where to go; last year it was dirt cheap in the USA because of the £:$ rate and now its not great for holiday makers, but then again Europe is pretty much as bad.

The Mrs likes to go somewhere where there's things to do (shops, Argos is a bonus) and she won't get burnt. 

I'd like nothing more than to book a nice cottage in Cornwall but there's just the massive uncertainty (or certainty!) of the British bloody weather.

At this rate, we'll be holidaying in 4 different places. I've got no further with any ideas... and whilst August seems a long way away, I know it'll be here before I know it.

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Anonymous said...

Good news Martyn! The Met Office is predicting an unusually hot UK summer.

Looks like the cottage in Cornwall might be a good bet.