Friday, January 09, 2009

Val-der-eee! & Craic to the future!

Finally. I've finally bloody gone and convinced the family that we should give walking a try - I don't mean around the house, or with the dog, but proper walking days out - nice locations (rumour has it there are plenty in the region), fresh air (plenty of that) and by way of bonus, chance for me to take some photos. We're going to start (all being well) on sunday with a trip to Bolton Abbey near Ripon and a walk up the Wharfe, through Strid Wood and up the Strid. We've even been to the outfitters and got the kids walking boots and some comfy socks, they must mean business, even Jack appears to be looking forward to it. One casualty of this is Harry's Sunday football matches (and possibly my photos of the games) but he is still keen to do training and I can help coach, but it does mean we get Sundays free again - which is a relief. Saturdays still remain a blur with football training, swimming and then the odd Leeds match every other week.

Only 21 days remain to the trip to Galway and 11 hardy souls (friends and mates' pals) will make the trip over to what has quickly become a beloved drinking haven of mine - I really bloody love that town. 3 days of laughs, perudo, chilling out and creating a little bit of havoc. The atmosphere is simply great, it's also top that a mate from Germany is making it over and both beardy Pickfords are coming along. Great stuff, can't wait.

Booked a business trip this week, we're due to see some folks in Seattle, San Francisco and possibly Los Angeles all within one week, which will mean 6 flights (2 of them transatlantic), 2 hire cars and 3 hotels in 6 days, which is a bit much - but sleeps for the tired, eh. Am actually quite looking forward to the trip, we've got some good stuff cooking and this should kick start a lot more stuff for what we've got planned later in the year. Onwards and upwards, I'm reliably informed.

Oh, finally, GO SEE SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, it's a bloody great film.

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