Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mole strike?

Twice in a month, 2 of our undercover titles have been outed. Fortunately they've had an excited initial reaction, but full details, videos and content will follow. 

For the record, Worms PSN is an enhanced edition of the hugely successful XBLA edition, with more levels, additional weapons, audio, 1080p support and more besides.

The new title for XBLA is subject to a potential name change and it's a vastly expanded edition of the game which mixes classic weapons and features from Worms Armageddon (released 1999) and some very new (and rather tasty) new content. 

The original XBLA edition of Worms is available for a stupidly good value of $5/£3.50 or something, so warm up on that!

We hope that people will be delighted.

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