Monday, March 02, 2009

Hey big fender...

Finally, it's happened. I went and got an Electric Guitar. I've been on about it years, it's been the subject of a 'will I, won't I' thread of conversation with Kilburn for about a decade and for one reason or another, I never got around to it until today, probably due to Guitar Hero & Rock Band supplying my fix. Having recently moved onto 'Hard mode' on Rock Band, I felt compelled to get off my arse and get a guitar. 

Anyway, I got around to selling the little HD Camcorder I got last summer, which I'd only used for a couple of hours at the most, much preferring my still frame photography hobby due to lack of time to really spend time editing stuff (and then, obviously watching it). As a result, I thought "bugger it" and went and got a cheap Stratocaster copy from town and I've started on the road to having a go with it. I've had an hour or two on it and some strained riffs of 'Smoke On The Water' have been heard, probably the easiest thing to play.

I also bought a keyboard (one with teaching modes and keys that light up showing you where to play) and have put this in the room where Harry's drums are, the aim being that the kids can mess around with this stuff and hopefully get an interest in it. I'd always been annoyed with myself for not really taking something like that up when younger, when it's easier to learn.

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