Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day of despair...

I'm over in San Francisco right now for GDC and things are going well - although on Monday/Tuesday the same couldn't be said as we had technical problems with our demo Xbox360. Firstly, we'd neglected to consider that the power supply wouldn't work in the USA and the transformer is a special one for the dev kit, so this led to frantic searching for a transformer, which took most of the day. We had some very kind offers to help (responding to facebook pleas!) and Microsoft even arranged to send us a full loan kit which was brilliant of them.

Anyway, with the 360 now powered, brilliant we thought... until we got to our booth on Tuesday morning to find that the rental company we'd hired a plasma from had neglected to leave any connection cables and in addition, there was no audio/speakers hooked up. Cue more frantic cable buying, stress and a large amount of swearing as we raced against the clock to get it sorted. We eventually got things up and running after various dashes to shops and hardware stores to see that the display quality was rubbish and that took ages before it was acceptable.

Anyway, its all working now and we can relax going into a heavy schedule on Weds/Thurs. Things at the show are going very well, there's been a fantastic reaction to the games we're showing and we had news yesterday that Worms PS3 will go live next week, which is really cool.

On the social side it's been as expected and we've enjoyed some good company. I've been reasonably moderate too, but that resolve may be tested over the next 3-4 days when the heavier parties and get-togethers are planned.

Today, I'm taking the Horse-head...

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