Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jetting off, again.

Coming up to 5am and I've been up for a while, getting ready to leave for San Francisco & GDC in ten minutes or so. 

I am wary that I've forgotten something, I don't know if it's simply because there's not much documentation this time and the trip is pretty straight forward (i.e. Leeds->London->SF, one hotel, no car hire) compared to the last few (and certainly the E3 one looming).

Leaving on Mother's Day has caused a bit of ruction, especially given I was in the USA for Valentine's day too, but I really don't plan this stuff (incidentally I was in Lyon for Trina's birthday last year too, which didn't go down well either).

It was a shame that I had to miss Grant's wedding reception last night too, but with so much on I simply had to capitulate and get stuff done at home, as it was, I didn't pack until early evening.

Oh well, hoping everything goes well, we're showing 3 games for the first time and we've got a ton of talks lined up. Its been pretty busy and positive of late (barring one or two things) and hopefully this week will further underpin that. I'm (as ever) looking forward to seeing a lot of my industry friends, meeting new ones but this as ever, is countered by missing the family. Still, won't be long as we're all traveling up to Scotland again at Easter.

The weather is set to be nice all week, which makes a real change - last 3 times in San Fran it's been bloody awful; really heavy rain, wind etc. Its fortunate that its a great city whatever the weather, but the sun shining really opens it up. I'm risking it and going coat-less and I suspect that John will bring his massive coat, which I'll enjoy winding him up about.

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