Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Business end of the Breed...

Spent an enjoyable few hours with some of the team looking at and discussing the finer points of the new Alien Breed today, with most of the conversation being about the audio atmosphere. Generally we're highly pleased with the way the game is shaping up and with so much emphasis on audio atmosphere, we're really trying to nail that. I'd say we're about 70% of the way there, with the general background ambience really helping drive the atmosphere (especially through 5.1 speakers - when we finally hooked them up, but that's another story). Right now a problem in the game is culling the Alien sounds and other atmospheric sounds, so work will need to be done on ensuring the Alien sounds get heard and that they're as satisfying as we mean them to be.

The game itself looks really nice and aside from a few pointers here and there, it remains to be seen just how much improvement we can really muster in the visual side from now until the game is completed in the early summer. I think once some of the audio is sorted out, we'll certainly be ready to unleash the game upon a few select press and release some gameplay footage, for a download title, it should set a new benchmark one hopes.

We're all pretty excited to learn what people will think of it, it's had a great reception to those who've seen it at various stages - and people thought it looked good last summer :)

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