Friday, April 24, 2009


Hello there,

We're currently re-building our database of usability testers, and are
looking to recruit people to take part in usability testing to help us
judge whether the mechanics of our games are easily enough understood, and
to better judge (amongst other things) difficulty, something notoriously
hard for game developers to gauge themselves.

The invite's open to anyone (friends, family etc.) although anyone under
the age of 18 will need to have their parent or guardian sign a consent
form before they can take part. Anyone you think might be interested should

Anyone mailing will need to send their name, age, address, and some sort of
contact details (email, phone number, mobile, or all three if they like) so
that we can get in contact with them the week before the test to check
their availability.

The tests are likely to be 1-2 hours long, and will just require the test
subjects to sit and complete tasks that we've designed to focus in on
problems we see with the game.

If there's anyone you think might be interested, please pass the mail
address on... in fact, throw it around like confetti! We can never have too
many testers on the database.

If anyone's got any questions about what the tests are or why we do them,
drop in and I'll be only too happy to explain.

Many thanks!

John Dennis (message pimped by me)

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