Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Busy busy

This week starts a bit of a hectic spell of one kind or another. 

It's a busy week this week, with it being a day short due to the May bank holiday yesterday, I'm at Sheffield Hallam today (part of a judging group on the regional University games-course projects) and on a panel about digital distribution/publishing in the evening.

I've essentially got Wednesday free to get on with my to-do list (which by the end of last week was larger than it was at the beginning of the week despite feeling like I'd accomplished a lot - very infuriating) and then have a few visitors on Thursday/Friday.

Next weekend sees the Leeds play-off semi first leg prior to Harry's 8th birthday party at the local baths and likely a night out.

Next week is currently clear in terms of appointments and obligations, but that's a good thing with Alien Breed, iPhone Worms and the new PC 'Armageddon Decade' edition all needing some form of attention as well as that hefty to-do list. 

The end of that week and I'm off to the Nordic Games Event in Malmo, Sweden, which involves a flight to Copenhagen and 3 nights over there. There's a couple of talks, discussions, panels and what-not, as well as a party and usual networking stuff. I do enjoy seeing the old Scandi bunch having amassed a lot of friends and contacts over the years. It hasn't been lost on me that in the year we're bringing Alien Breed back, the original was largely created by the team over in Sweden in the Amiga days.

After returning from Malmo/CPH on the Wednesday, I'll have a day or so in the office before I leave with the family for a week in Kerry, South West Ireland. We usually spend Spring Bank holiday in Cornwall (although we toured California last time) but we fancied a very quiet change and hopefully it should mean that. I'm only back 24hrs from that before I leave for the USA and a trip to E3 to discuss new titles and projects, so that means about 6-7 days in the office in the next 4 weeks.

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