Friday, May 08, 2009

Das Jackpot!

Had a fun call this morning, basically we've been contacted about licensing Worms to have a themed gaming (fruit) machine made from the IP. Its very exciting and to sit there with all manner of other notable IP (Star Wars, Monopoly, Indiana Jones, PacMan etc) would be brilliant, so fingers crossed all that works out and we end up with a machine in our reception and also in The Brewer's Pride (our favourite pub).

On other things, it's been a very busy week and it's flown by. I had a long day in Sheffield on Tuesday, judging the game design section of the Yorkshire region Games-related degree course showcase. The standard was high and as usual, it's nice to be able to contribute to that aspect of industry development. Afterwards was the usual spiralling out of control with the usual faces and a 4am finish - I was only (marginally) saved from the full effects of the dog-house by virtue of the fact that Harry's hamster, Sonic, had escaped at 5am and I slept through Trina and the kids trying to find it before the cat or dog ate it. Sonic was finally found and returned and I dozed downstairs, blissfully unaware.

It's Harry's 8th party tomorrow (a couple of weeks early due to unforseen circumstances and the kids hecic social calendar) and that's directly after the Leeds Utd play-off final semi, which is on the TV. Given Harry's party is a pool party, it means I'm enforced into a quiet night and best (non doghouse) behaviour.

Fingers crossed for Leeds...

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