Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nordic Game

Back from Nordic game and I'm buzzing about it - not ideal at twenty to three in the morning.

I've been to the event a few times and have always really enjoyed it, this time I got asked very last minute to speak & stand in for a couple of absentees, a guy from Capcom Japan who I assume was avoiding the chance of getting Swine Flu and I think one of the guys from Avalanche.

The trip was made with a few great friends so it wasn't a surprise to find that come 5am Monday morning, myself and John Li were still up and helping ourselves to a lot of fine Irish whisky... not ideal running into a day long event called '.EXEC' which was basically the CEO's of all the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark) who were going to discuss/debate topics of the day in a round-table format, eased along with plentiful beer (these boys know what they're doing).

I'd say the .EXEC thing was a great success and it was both a pleasure and a priviledge to  contribute, I don't recall enjoying a day long business session as much as that, ever. The night was a bit of a non-start as I apparently began throwing food at people in the bar and then went back to the room and crashed. However, despite the food incident, people were full of good words for my contribution at .EXEC.

On to Tuesday and I spent most of the day at the conference itself given I'd a talk to do at 2.15. met loads of old friends and great people during the day and given I'd had a full nights sleep, I was pretty much on the ball. The talk itself was pretty short and pretty succinct given that I'd put it together quickly and wasn't sure how long my spot was. I raced through it (discussing platforms, opportunities, positives and negatives) and it seemed well received and I even had time for some Q&A at the end.

As a result of the talk I met a few new people and it certainly appears that Team17 are in a pretty unique spot right now with regards self-publishing, which is nice. 

Tuesday night was the event party (after a great meal with a bunch of top people) and I hardly got more than 3 metres into the venue as I kept running into people, so I never really got going. We left late on and hijacked a cab full of students (as it was hard to get a cab) and took them all back to the hotel for beers, music and a bit of partying until late-on. The hotel were incredibly patient with us, that's all I have to say on that one.

Wednesday was just a case of getting back and riding the pretty fowl hangover I had, given I was driving from the airport. The 2hr flight was living hell as I fought the urge to throw up - nice. There was still had time before I left to have a good chat about things with friends from various companies and there was a ton of rumouring about Apple entering the console scene given the spate of games-related exec hires they've made recently... so we'll have to see on that one.

So, back to the office later for me, a ton of stuff to do and ensure goes on while I'm away in Ireland next week and at E3 the week after.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, so E3 has come and gone... and still no Alien Breed news. When are you guys going to spill the beans? :)