Sunday, June 21, 2009

Doghouse vanquished.

Well, I finally managed to pull clear of the doghouse by booking the family holiday. I'm not sure how much fun the kids got out of Ireland (mainly due to the weather) but I've now booked us 2 weeks in Florida, on the Gulf Coast, away from the throngs of folk at theme-park central (since my kids prefer water based stuff - and there's a water park fairly near).

Am hoping to get a day or two in the Everglades/Florida Keys (we're staying on Sand Key, Clearwater) and do some kayaking in the Mangroves just north of where we are... Alligators and Manatee's excepting.

It's fathers day today and I've had nice cards, a Match of the Day music compilation (?!) and a box of Thornton's Special Toffee - not sure if that was for me, being diabetic, but the kids (and the dog) have already been into it. About to walk the dog down on the meadows and hopefully have a chilled out day, despite having a bit of work to do on some presentations for later in the week/next month which are due in now.

Better end to the week considering I've had a couple of unexpected big nights (one on the wedding anniversary), a trip to the house of commons and 2 stints in the doghouse.

There's a bit of travel the next two months; Newcastle this week, then London for AC/DC, then up next is Develop in Brighton, then Seattle/Bellevue (via Vancouver) and onto San Diego. A few weeks after that it's Gamescon in Cologne, then the holiday. We've got 2 game releases in that spell and then build up to the bigger one; Alien Breed - can't wait to show people it...

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