Saturday, June 20, 2009

Great response... Great times.

We released a trailer for the new XBLA Worms game, "Worms 2: Armageddon" (which is released very soon) and it had a fantastic response pretty much everywhere, so I'm really looking forward to that going live. We're also just about done with the iPhone edition of Worms and that should be predictably well recieved too.

On other matters, Alien Breed is at the code & content complete stage, with only minor balancing/tweaking and polishing left to do (not that it isn't super polished already!) and I really cannot wait to get videos out for that since I can't imagine seeing much on XBLA that looks visually better, it really does look beautiful.

Had an odd week this week, spending the day at the House of Commons on Monday, getting drunk with Andy Eades (on my wedding anniversary, which went down well - cough) and then out with Tom Gluckmann on Thursday which ended in furore again, mostly because I coincidentally ran into good friends from Rockstar Leeds when I was out in town... and it was a mess at the end.

So, a quiet weekend is in store - particularly given that I've a ton of work to do (presentations for numerous talks) and a video to put together for my spot at Game Horizon in Newcastle next week. Also off to see AC/DC and I'm quite excited about that.

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