Thursday, July 09, 2009

Breeding brilliant

...we had a terrific response to our Alien Breed announcement that we made today, which basically just confirmed that the game was coming on digital platforms and we let out 3 screenshots. Well, people seem to really like the look of it, so I can't wait until they see the video and all the lighting, particles etc - it really does look great - and so compelling to play.

Makes it a good week really given both our XBLA Worms titles are sat at no.1 and no.7 in the charts at the same time :-) And Worms iPhone is just around the corner.

Things are crazy busy in the office, but that's a very nice problem to have.

Next week I'm in Brighton for the Develop Conference and then it's a flight out to Seattle (via Vancouver) for Casual Games Connect and then onto San Diego for Comicon - and a night out with pals in Carlsbad, just up the coast before I head back to Los Angeles and home again.

Its very exciting times and there's more to come, too.

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