Friday, July 17, 2009


Well, it's been a crazy busy week. Spent most of it in Brighton for the Develop Conference where I did a talk on indie digital development (which I think went well - despite press picking up one comment out of context as usual).

As ever, saw the many great people in the business circuit and had too much fun at times - and really felt the pain of it on Friday, I was completely shattered. However, not much time for rest as I head out to the USA (via Vancouver) on Sunday morning, spending a few days in & around Redmond/Bellevue, attending the Casual Connect Conference (another talk) and then onto Comicon before spending a few days with Gordon and the lads at R* San Diego up in Carlsbad.

Showed Alien Breed to a few press guys and it got what I felt was a great reception. Did a bunch of interviews too - we've gotten a lot of press of late, so I think it's finally dawned on people that we're really taking this digital distribution stuff really seriously.

Oh and Worms got released for iPhone, not only that but it's currently sat atop the charts. Not bad, making it 4 indie digital releases and 4 chart-topping successes (Worms2 Armageddon for XBLA also hit no.1).



Ben Paddon said...

You'll be at Comic-Con, then? Blimey, that's the last place I'd expect to bump into you. I'm there all week - booth #2517, next to Bongo Comics and near Dark Horse. Do feel free to stop by and say Hello. :)

Martyn "Spadge" Brown said...

Well, it appears to be a popular place to get new IP seen, I'm really doing a recce regarding possible attendance at events like this and PAX.