Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gotta love press reactions.

I've tried in recent times to be as diplomatic as I can be regarding press comments - and in addition to that, been very straight about how things are, although I'm covered by various non-disclosure agreements and such.

There's been a lot of press going mad over my denial that we've been in some way "bribed" by Microsoft to have exclusives on their formats ahead of PS3. This simply isn't the case. It's true that we've led on XBLA to a certain extent and that we have a very good 1st party relationship with them and because of this, we tend to get better promotional support (mainly due to it being a 1st party title). With respect to Alien Breed, it was very nearly a Sony exclusive entirely, a few years back prior to us independently developing next generation editions.

We're of course delighted that PS3 owners want to play our games and they will be able to do so but timed exclusive launches have been part & parcel of the video game industry for years.

It's almost tempting to simply clam up and say nothing. People don't like the truth it seems.

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