Friday, August 14, 2009

The Moderation Game

Well, I've just about completed two weeks of very steady moderation on pretty much all the finer, bad things in life; late-nights, no-sleep and the booze. I've probably had the best sleep in years, suffered no jet-lag and seen my blood sugar levels (I'm diabetic) tumble from a silly high level to something more approaching respectable, which makes me feel better, sharper and er, quite well.

I guess i take for granted what my somewhat cavalier approach to lifestyle has on my body from time to time; the traveling, the irregular food habits, all those time-zones and the booze-fueled meetings which seem to litter the bizdev side of the games industry.

Anyway, I've kind of kick-started myself in time for a few days away at Gamescom, which is a show/conference in Germany and replaces what has, for five years, been an annual jaunt to Leipzig for a similar event. I have many fond memories of great trips over there, by train, plane and car - which we always did via Prague. We visited Colditz, odd places in Czech, all-nighters in Leipzig/Prague, tried to steal Enigma machines from a gothic absinthe bar - and experienced all manner of oddness when Bryan and Craig joined for trips.

I don't plan anything outrageous this time, maybe a few beers on Tuesday night and the Nordic party on Wednesday where a lot of friends will be. Two very busy days Weds & Thurs (before a late flight back) will make sure I'm not out of control - which is a good thing since the day after I get back, the family leaves for two weeks of heat (and no doubt humidity) on the west coast of Florida.

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