Thursday, September 10, 2009

Long time no blog.

Well, it's been a while, 3 weeks or so...

In that time I attended Gamescom in Germany (Cologne) which replaced the usual jaunts to Leipzig/Prague (a bit of a shame) and also have been on holiday with the family in Orlando at Clearwater Beach & Orlando, with a couple of days on Marco Island & Everglade City.

Germany was hot and humid and I didn't prefer the show over the one held in Leipzig, despite hotels and transport being a hundred times more efficient. Maybe it'll be better in future now that people know the layout.

The holiday was OK, I'm not a huge fan of Orlando and it was pretty much a last minute affair, with the wife/kids wanting to head out that way. The weather was pretty mixed, stormy, very warm, humid and we had torrential storms in Orlando. Fortunately it abated for the kids to get to their beloved water parks but on the whole, it's not an area I really wish to revisit and struggle to understand those who return to Orlando year on year. I'll make sure I put more effort into planning the family holiday much earlier next time, although to be fair we'd had more or less a week in Scotland, a week in Ireland as well as the time in the states, so I guess there's very little reason to grumble.

Back at work and plenty to do, lots in the pipeline and Alien Breed to get out.

At home, I've continued my largely good behaviour on the booze (and even food) - and am sleeping reasonably well, again not suffering major jet-lag although it's been a bit odd today (its coming up to 2am now).

I played Beatles Rockband earlier, as it was released today - and almost completed it. I'm not sure what to think of the experience as a solo guitar player on it, the music & presentation is sublime, but it's not like the tracks are really sympathetic to the RB experience... hopefully better with more people playing.

Been good on the football side of late, with Leeds winning all 8 of their opening matches and drawing Liverpool in the cup at home. Even England have qualified for the World Cup next year... amazing.

Next travel is a conference on digital distribution in New York in a few weeks (I've turned down the opportunity to talk in Dubai) and that's pretty much it I think until Lyon in December for Game Connection - will have to see if I can cut the travel back next year... I did a lot of panels and talks on our digital distribution stuff this year, when it was seemingly flavour of the month - I guess a lot of eyes will be on the cloud-computing tech next year and we can get our heads down and on with a number of projects.

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