Saturday, November 28, 2009


Almost a month went by without an update. Clearly, I'm slacking.

Tons going on though, with a new management appointment at work, a new FD will join us in Feb. Been to Dublin, getting ready to go to Lyon and Alien Breed finally certified and ready to release on Xbox 360.

Also swapped my car, since I've been contemplating getting all practical with four doors again. Of course I went with common sense (considering a diesel) and walked out with a 5litre guzzling monster. Ah well, you only live once. It does have 4 doors and plenty of room for 4 adults though (which was a problem on my 2+2 former car, which I did like and will miss). I've had a ton of problems with it though, since it's got large wheels/tires and it obviously wasn't set up right when I bought it, which resulted in the suspension rubbing on the wheels etc, this is still in the process of being rectified - and it's a been a real shame because I love the car (if not it's fuel consumption).

The news about Alien Breed was a huge relief after a fairly tiresome few months and it remains to be seen when we'll launch, but well be on with the PR soon.

Lyon's Game Connection looms and for the first time we're attending as prospective publishers.

After that it's wind down to Christmas, a ton of Leeds matches and also the Team17 party.

And I'm back on bloody facebook. Pah.

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