Monday, January 11, 2010

A much belated welcome to 2010

Wow, 2010 already and my slackest blog update period ever. 5 weeks or more.

Well, mostly it was due to totally winding down at Christmas and vegetating, something I do when I run out of steam, which I had done by the end of November, not helped by a particularly high blood-sugar reading (related to my diabetes). I've spent the last 3-4 weeks on new medication and it's only finally settling down.

When my blood-sugar reading is high it not only is very bad for a wide variety of physiological reasons, but it also leaves me listless, un-energetic and totally demotivated. It leaves me procrastinating over things and just not doing things because it just feels a great effort when it isn't really - it can lead to depression also, so it took some effort to drag myself into the various blood tests, consultancies, retinal scans and new medication.

Fortunately I'm the other side of that now and starting to feel a lot more like the old self, which depending on which self you know, is either a good thing or a bad thing :)

December was a pretty busy month, we finally saw the release of Alien Breed on XBLA (to come on PC, PS3) and this got to No.2 in the XBLA charts, kept out only by Worms Armageddon, which was Xmas No.1. We also had our Team17 party and I don't recall too much.

Christmas at home was nice and quiet, with the weather crippling any plans to visit Speyside and our friends up there, we just didn't wish to risk the lengthy travel on hazardous roads.

Other than a night with Bry & Gordon in the land that time forgot (The Leopard pub in Doncaster) and an unbelievable afternoon in The Poplar (Altofts) to witness Leeds beating Man U in the FA Cup, I had a very light christmas booze intake - and didn't even buy any cans in.

The weather/Ice-Age in the UK has put a dent on the restart back in the office, but am hopefully that will be over soon and we can get our teeth into things once more. I'm also looking ahead to the now annual trip to Galway at the month end with a bunch of mates for birthday booze-up. After that I'm away to San Francisco & Seattle again.


Plasma said...

Okay, NOW you're getting really bad at updating this!

Jérôme CHAUVET said...

Dear Martyn,

What I feel throughout your weblog is some sort of sadness... This word is perhaps a little bit stronger than the way you feel for real, but I cannot find another one.

Is it because of your age? Or because of the fact that so much time has passed by?

Team17 has been the very best game maker for the Amiga. I hope you realize what you did, how far you went making excellent game for this wonderful computer.

The first time I saw your Full Contact game, I thought :"Wow, can one really do that in a game?" A dream of mine had come true.

I want to thank you now like I wanted to thank you and the team fifteen years ago... There it is:

Thank you for the dreaming time.

Best regards,