Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bad blogging. Sorry.

I'm considering winding up the blog since I'm simply rarely finding time to really think about posting. I think it's really suffered at the hands of Facebook, whereby news and info and photos and such are updated frequently, so much so that I don't feel a need to blog.

I'll have a think about it.

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Cranky Granny said...

Wow, I started blogging because there isn't enough space on facebook or twitter for me to say all that I wish! Facebook tires me as most of my friends just post what they had for dinner and which movie they want to see. Nothing insightful or thought provoking in that: "had tacos; watched Eclipse" oooh, Earth shaking news.
Check my blog for the Cranky Granny view point from the other side of the reproductive years. You can say whatever you wish when people think you are old! In any case, hope you get your blog mojo back, Sherry