Monday, January 17, 2011

Axe-wielding Monday

Had a grumpy Monday so far. Firstly, I managed to finish off sorting all the home network stuff, each of the devices/computers having their own ID (the last lot got wiped by a power cut when I was in Canada). And most importantly, I've backed this info up so I can restore it if calamity strikes again.

Once I'd done all this, one of my mac's (which is also a printer server and has a 2TB back-up drive on it) just wouldn't appear on the network, causing all manner of angst. I tried everything for about 1.5hrs before yep, you guessed it, I turned the router on & off again. Worked fine again.

A while back I ordered a large canvas print of one of my all-time favourite photo's I've taken (one of a small boat in San Francisco Bay, with the skyline silhouetted) and today the canvas arrived. Well, I'm totally deflated because the colours don't match - and I'm a stickler for colour-space, monitor calibration and all that stuff - the result is that lacks any of the vibrance I hoped it would and has in return, coloured me a deep shade of pissed off.

The afternoon can only be better I'm sure.


steph blant said...

The good news is that you are buying canvas prints . However, you need to find quality printers with G7 Master quality to make them top notch like fine art. Who are you using?

Martyn James Brown said...

I just did a search and used, I wouldn't recommend them. Most of the problem was the colour matching. Didn't help that I did a huge canvas.

I'll try a few smaller ones with various suppliers next.