Friday, January 14, 2011

Hospital Experience

So, I've had this cyst on my ear for a few years, no great shakes. I'm not particularly worried about it, nor do I let vanity get the better of me (it's me, right). BUT every now and again and for some reason, usually when a hair sprouts, it gets a little infected and swells up. When it does, I can hardly sleep since it makes my head throb... which explains why enough was enough, I had to get the bugger removed.

So, there I am at Wakefield's new Hospital, all mod-cons, shiny & contemporary, looked nice. Sits down after checking in, to a big area... which looks like a departure lounge. Then, ping! my name pops up and I'm told Go to Gate 8... Like I'm boarding a bloody plane!

So, I get's to Gate 8, when I'm expecting them to xray my wallet and blackberry, but no, more sitting down (this plane is delayed, I thought to myself) and finally I'm ushered through to the consultant. He has a look, usual questions and all that and OK's the work, quite mystified why I've not been in before.

Then I had to go to another Gate to await a form so I could have it photo'd. They sent me to Gate 19, which was Neo Natal, wrong gate... Gate 15, Medical Photography. If anyone's seen Dexter, this was it, big room, lots of lights, bloke who actually looked like Dexter and took lots of photos of my offending lug with his nice Canon DSLR.

Then more queues and another form before I go to see the duty nurse, where they test you for MRSI infections before they allow you into the hospital (too late suckers, I'm in) and this involved swabbing my groin. I was shaking my head at how this can happen when going in to see about a cyst on my ear, but still.

I then remembered we've got medical cover and I could have got it done elsewhere. Now on a waiting list, but with all the travel, I might be cyst-less in May.

I'll see if I can get the bugger mounted. I'll also have a little scar, arrrgh! (pirate stylee).

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