Thursday, February 24, 2011

Enjoyed London

Every day things are falling into place with regards a number of exciting things I'm working on, only one of which has been discussed. It's a really interesting and exciting time set to the backdrop of largely bad news elsewhere in the games industry, but a bunch of us are hoping to help deliver something positive and vibrant - I can't express how great it is working with similar minded people intent on change, with strong vision and passionate commitment.

What's also refreshing is that whilst there's a level of finance, funding and structure behind all of the things, there's very little talk of any of that on the coal-face by the people doing the driving, which is extremely liberating and reminds everyone of the reasons we're all doing what we are.

London was great. I enjoyed a number of meetings with excellent people, not only great at what they do (or what they've done) but their attitude in going about it - and being entertaining to boot. Sometimes I really have to pinch myself, I'm very lucky.

On the train, back up to Yorkshire now, for another meeting... it never ends - and I like it.

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