Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pre-travel travel!

Am very much looking forwards to returning to what is perhaps my favourite city in the world thus far - although I imagine I'll not feel the same about any another place, San Francisco on Monday.

Before that I'm overnight in London for a bunch of meetings about new stuff, meeting with old friends about other new stuff and having dinner with another old mate who recently got an OBE, so I better be on my best behaviour.

Tomorrow I swap the bright lights of the capital for Doncaster, which I believe is still in the mid-80's for another meeting which may involve a pint or two...

Friday and it's off to see my new friends Double11 in Middlesboro' and whilst I can't hang about and wet the new relationships head in traditional style, i'll ensure I manage that during March - am very excited and pleased to be working with the Double11 team and look forward to very promising times ahead.

Sunday and its an evening journey down to Heathrow before jetting out Monday morning, to apparently a cold and wet west-coast, although there's always a warm, dry welcome in Vesuvio, my favourite bar in San Fran.

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