Monday, May 08, 2006

Booked, packed and ready to fly

Well, after what seems an absurdly short time since I was last on the west coast of the US, here I am about to leave for those shores again. Myself and Kilburn jet off in the morning via Leeds-London and should arrive 2-3pm local time on Tuesday (about 11pm back home).

Besides getting a cab and getting to our hotel in the Sunset Strip area, we've got an official engagement at the English Consul where there's a reception for the UK games industry and we'll get to meet the MP for Creative Industries. Despite always being invited to this, this year marks the first time I've managed to co-ordinate travel so that we can go, so that should be interesting and also good to meet up with other guys in the UK development & publishing scene; it's such a small and closely knit group - everyone more or less knows each other pretty well.

After that, there's the traditional pre-E3 UK unofficial get-together at the Red Rock Bar on Sunset, which is handy since it's only a short walk from our hotel. Hopefully we can smash our way through the couple of "2nd winds" you get due to the time-lag and get some sleep after midnight, with a gut full of ale, no-doubt. The hope being that you wake up early morning and you adjust much quicker. I've found that this tends to work (for me at least) much better than going to sleep in the evening or any other method. What tends to happen is that I'm just a very tired disaster when I eventually get home, having lost 2 full nights sleep somewhere in the week - and I can never manage any sleep on the plane.

Our meetings at the show commence Wednesday lunch after the traditional registration "melee and scrum" and we then face a lot of meetings prior to wrapping up on Friday afternoon.

Stay tuned for reports state-side.

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