Sunday, May 07, 2006

Singstar Crock

Saturday featured a drink & games laced evening with our neighbours...

Having been an ardent fan of Sony's Singstar series I must admit that I found the latest game in the series, "Singstar Rocks" to be the weakest of the lot. You'ld imagine with a title of "Rocks" that you'd get certain songs and material, but aside from 3 or 4 tracks like Smoke On The Water (Deep Purple), Don't Stop Me Now (Queen) and Paint It Black (Rolling Stones) there's a real pack of relatively unknown and contrived "Rock" tracks. There's also the fact that some of the mixes involve fast switch-overs to do the harmonies and it just well, sucks, really.

We played Singstar Rock after playing the new Buzz Big Quiz and despite running away with a victory over the neighbours and the missis I found it quite painfully slow paced. I'd heard that the questions were a little abstract and the others all grumbled about how they weren't "trivia" nor "general knowledge". But for me, the pace of the game is just slow enough to really annoy - so I was very happy when it was all over. I've still got a copy of the game in it's shrink-wrapping and I am in no rush to unwrap it now.

After that we played "Man Bites Dog" a very simple card game which was a lot of fun - basically you are dealt 5 cards with words and phrases on which you use to construct headlines. Each word/phrase has a score attached and you tally up the total, the winner getting those points. Headlines such as "Bizarre Swinging Vicar Captures Thug" were most amusing.

After that, the women wanted Singstar 80's back on (by far the best in the series) but I'd gone past the point of no return with the Jack Daniels and myself and the neighbour decided to leg it over the road and get Guitar Hero rocking - which we did, very loudly. He beat me on most stuff too - but I had to keep one eye shut to see what was scrolling past on the screen :-) Guitar Hero is the kind of game that will only tolerate a certain level of alcohol since you have too much and you just can't do it anymore since your reactions and co-ordination goes out of the window. I'm not sure what time it was that we packed it in, probably around 2am or so but it was a good old session.

Otherwise it's been a pretty crappy weekend - the weather, after the heights of the stunning weather on Friday and our BBQ**, has been dismal - rain, wind, clouds (as usual - it has to be said) so it's rather restricted the entertainment somewhat. Anyway, it'll help me appreciate the weather in California a little more - even if for the most part we'll be indoors in meetings during the day.

I've just got to motivate myself to pack and double check we've got everything sorted and planned, then it's off in a cab at 5am on Tuesday morning...

**Incidentally, I'm happy to report that everyone's still alive after my BBQ cooking - I always get ultra paranoid that I haven't cooked the chicken right through. AND I left all the table, chairs and parasol out - and it's rained of course... AND the BBQ uncovered... :-/

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