Friday, May 05, 2006

Here comes the sun...

BBQ Time. Yes folks, you heard it correctly - first BBQ of the season and then hopefully watching Leeds win in the play-off semi-finals (1st leg). It seems like years since we had decent weather and despite the forecast suggesting thunderstorms it's all kept fairly clear.

Otherwise I've just been getting everything together for next week's trip to E3/Los Angeles and organising all that. Our schedule's now looking pretty full and busy so it'll be non-stop. Hopefully this good weather will persist all weekend and I can get some quality time in with the family before I leave.

Over at E3, we've generally got the US launch of Lemmings PSP to oversee and then have our usual business catch-up meetings - and of course attend a few shindigs, oiling the wheels of business, so to speak. Whilst I'm over I'm looking forward to picking up the new DS Mario game and am still hoping "Brain Age" will arrive before I leave (which only really leaves Monday now)... I'll try and not buy a ton of stuff this time - and certainly not anything like a synth again!

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