Sunday, June 25, 2006

Could be LAS, Might be LOS

A last minute shake of plans has seen our trip to the USA next week become a tad mixed up.

We'd confirmed the trip last week, flying out to Las Vegas, staying at the Monte Carlo - however it seems that we'll be spending the time in Los Angeles rather than Vegas too - working with a top script writer who's apparently a good chum of a well known American comedy movie star. If we have to go to LA, then we'll most likely stay in Venice or Santa Monica, which is no bad thing, all things considered - it'll just expose me to that brutally attractive shopping area again on 3rd street... so I better pack a 2nd bag this time.

So now we don't exactly know where we'll be going, but it looks like we'll either be making the short plane hop from Vegas to LAX or if we have time, hiring a car and driving across the Mojave (it really is a top drive). I imagine we'll be back in Vegas for the weekend - including (hopefully) England's quarter final, presuming they make it through the game against Ecuador which is later this afternoon. As ever, I'm sure it'll be fun.

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