Thursday, June 22, 2006

Losing my Mojo

I went out around Leeds last night with some Finnish developer friends - the guys from Housemarque (who we worked with in the mid 90's on Super Stardust for Amiga) and tried to entertain them in Leeds. Unfortunately it turned out that Leeds was shut.

Closed. Empty. Bloody Leeds - nothing doing! I think this was probably due to the city being in re-charge mode after the exertions of an England game the previous night, but it was pretty disappointing AND they were refurbishing Mojo, my favourite bar so we couldn't even get in there which I was gutted about. After walking about a bit (and giving them a tour of Leeds into the bargain) we gave up and they went back to their hotel.

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Anonymous said...

We still enjoyed the evening a lot! Holland vs Argentina and a wonderful dinner at a fab Indian restaurant. Plus we had a great and charming host ;-)
Ilari & Harri