Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Seeing things.

I went for a contact lens check up this lunch. Bizarre really, because my doctor has said that there's no point getting a new prescription since Diabetes alters the size of your eyes and effects the results of any eye-test, at least until the blood sugars are under control again. Add to that, I had a retinal scan a while back which was ok.

Anyhow, the opticians won't send my monthly contact lens packs without a test, so off I trotted. There I was half way through the test, with the optician pulling all kinds of odd faces until I remembered that one of my new lens' had a crease in it (this hurts your eye somewhat) so I'd swapped it for one of last months, but forgotton to look if it was the one for the right eye... so it appears I'd got the wrong one, which had been baffling her for a good 15mins. "Not very helpful" was the phrase she used - which I think was reasonably diplomatic of her :)

It also turns out that my type of contact lens are some kind of pre-war material and they've got much better in the last few years, lighter, let more oxygen through and stuff - so I've had new ones ordered - they just better be as comfy as the ones I have now. I've also been instructed not to wear them as often, which may discourage people from getting in my car :-) But I guess I better get a pair of glasses as back-up - modelled on Sten Selander's Cosmo-Smallpiece ones would be cool.

And I'm feeling a lot better today, headache going, must have been something I ate.

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