Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hangover free cider

Well, thats another night out done and I can look forward to a quiet couple of nights. Had a good one last night at the Brewer's Pride in Ossett (T17's preferential pub and supplier of the mighty Addlestones Cider) with the guys from Sony - and it was Matt's send off who is leaving to go start at Sci-dos. He takes many stories and our best wishes of course, Sci-dos being one of the few companies we've never (to date) worked with.

The arrangements for the T17 "summer" party were also sorted yesterday, which is on Friday, so we'll be heading down to Tiger Tiger and having some merriment there - that should be a top night, the T17 ones always are.

Kilburn will be chuffed, I think I left the dice at the pub.

1 comment:

Kilburn said...

Hangover free? Fuck that, doesn't seem like it from where I'm sat!!

Lol @ dice. That's 24 sets you've lost now...