Saturday, August 12, 2006

Harry plays footy

Truth be told, I'd be chuffed if either of my lads got into football (as long as there was no supporting of the red scum of Manchester, obviously) and currently Harry (5) plays on a Saturday morning. We popped out and got him some boots and goalie-gloves last week as he's really keen to go in goals - and we're all for trying to enthuse him to play.

We tried with Jack for a while, but I just don't think he's sports minded whatsoever and when he went to Football training, he just messed around and sat with a corner-marker on his head...

It has meant that our Saturdays now involve getting him down to school for 10am (where the training is) and thats usually followed by swimming, giving me less time to do any jobs I'm usually given - its no wonder the bloody weekend flies by.

Still, I hope he sticks with it and gets into it.

I'm also delighted on another footy front in that old mucker Tim Smith is moving back over here, so I'll have a good pal to go to suffer Leeds with again (if I get chance, with our weekends being what they are). He arrives in October, so we'll probably enjoy the delights of Southend at home first...

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