Monday, September 04, 2006

Herbie goes bananas

People keep asking about our little dog who looks like "Snowy" from Tintin, whilst his hair is still short... well, he's settling well, we're no longer knee deep in crap and he's using his training mats. He has a tendency to go bonkers though and has taken to chewing anything that moves; in particular shoes.

Elsewhere, we're out and about with our dutch friends tomorrow, probably in Leeds - not sure where yet, this meeting being re-arranged after the last one was rudely interuppted by terrorists.

My attempt at moderation lasted until lunch time when some publisher types forced me to eat some great food and wash it down with just a single pint of Guinness at The Star, in Kirkhamgate. However, I'm glad to report it wasn't major in terms of intake and no long term damage will have occurred to my intentions.

It was fairly amusing having 2 rival publisher groups in the studio today, playing hide and seek to ensure their paths didn't cross. The boardroom was kind of double-booked and we managed to safely pass the day!

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