Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Crappy day

Had a rubbish day today. Felt groggy still from the day before and was also awake most of the night from 3am onwards when one of the lights in the kitchen blew and shorted half the house.

It did this with such a loud crack/bang that it woke both myself and the missis, which had me up and checking the house for burglars, then out into the garage to sort the fusebox out. I then couldn't get back to sleep again for a few hours.

All of which left me quite irritable for most of the day. Not helped by a few instances at work; I guess I just had one of those days when molehills became mountains, didn't manage to get any lunch and after 9hrs at my desk I was pretty whacked.

However, on the positive side I can count such instances at T17 as pretty rare and generally things are still very much on the up. We also finally got our launch info for our Live Arcade title but that has to stay under wraps for now.

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