Tuesday, November 21, 2006


My intentions in the Talksport Poker tourney were scuppered due to the kids not settling in bed and I was up and down to them, making hard work of trying to concentrate. I did manage to hang around until 400 or so of the 1,000 players were out but chucked it all on one hand when I was becoming increasingly irritated. In addition to that, the 888/Pacific Poker interface/audio is so awful that it hardly encourages you to continue playing.

Anyway, I'm still sans one contact lens and whilst life continues to be a little blurry, at least my eye has stopped stinging and my head throbbing. I might try a lens in later when I go to the Hayseed Dixie gig (beers and an Akbars curry first, later this afternoon as I take half a day hols).

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