Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Brownie points safely accumulated this am, as I bravely fought off the crisis of a blocked kitchen sink with the aid of a B&Q power-plunger. I did get soaked (and to be fair, still reek of Chlorine) but it did the trick, even if it did look a bit like it does when a torpedo hits a battleship when I used it - if Harry had been around, I'm sure he'd have commented on another small flood.

The T17 party is in a few hours and after 3 Guinnii with our pal from THQ, I feel ready for it now.

Team17 secret santa was kind to me, bringing "Yahtzee Poker Dice" which was excellent given Kel opened his before me and got a luxurious "Men in Uniform" calendar :)

Report on party and presumably pics, tomorrow.

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