Thursday, December 21, 2006

Old codgers night out?

The Team17 party passed without major incident, quite possibly the most politically correct T17 event ever. Of course everyone got a bit tipsy, the food was generally good and the company fine, but no-one super embarrased themselves (Beddall aside, who really looked good on the dance floor) - but no-one caught fire, was arrested etc as is the norm.

Being a professional (cough) I was into the office early doors to see what kind of train-wreck the company was and people started drifting from around ten-ish, which isn't bad really. I had lunch with my good mate Gordon from R* Leeds and that ended up a bit messy really, with me promising to go to their party under peer pressure when I was in no fit state to really, particularly given my "performance" last year at their do. Sorry mate, I just didn't have the brownie points to carry it off :(

I'm still feeling a bit pissed now and it's a full 24hrs since the T17 event, but an afternoon in the 'Pride didn't help either... tomorrow is the last day of the year for T17 and we've got our "wet" poker session to look forward - could be quite messy and Saturday's hangover isn't something I'm looking forward to - but hey ho.

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