Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What is it with blocked pipes?

It must be the night for them, first the bloody dog has a blocked pipe and now our kitchen sink - we were alerted when Harry trundled in chewing his Kitkat "supper" and sat down before mumbling something about a small flood in the kitchen. We immediately looked at and started to blame Jack before going to have a look, or shall I say swim.

The washing machine had tried to empty and because there was a blockage, it had erupted up through both our basin plug-holes and all over the floor. Cue panic at the thought of a dead washing machine before I realised it must be a blocked pipe. Frantic neighbourly requests for a plunger went unaided before I got in the car and finally found a 24hr supermarket that sells the super-potent sink-unblocking gunk. It's now simmering and bubbling away, fingers crossed that works. I used my time at the supermarket to top up on my xmas booze stash too, ready for our annual new-years eve bash.

In other stuff, the predictable office stuff, a few things seem to be sorting themselves out now, which will hopefully lead to a relaxed xmas.

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