Saturday, January 13, 2007

Crankypants :-(

Something I like to pride myself on is a reasonable level of calm and patience, especially in the last few years where life-experience has certainly tempered my intolerances; only generally snapping at things when injustice or a total lack of common-sense is evident. However, it's amazing what a few days of missing sleep can do to your rationale and anger - and I don't like it and it reminds me just why working pretty much "normal" hours as a developer is such a blessing.

I reckon I lost 3-4 nights sleep last week (each of the flights contributing and failing to get accustomed to the time difference in the first day or so) and boy am I feeling it today - the kids, the dog and the wife are all getting some stick today and there's not much I can do to keep a lid on it, the slightest niggle and I'm firing off.

I'm at Bob's 40th tonight, so hopefully I can get my head down for a few hours this afternoon and enjoy the do tonight, I'll most likely (hopefully!) get a reasonable kip with a belly full of drink at his party too and I'm looking forward to feeling more on top of things when I return to the office on Monday.


Andylad_uk said...

glad to see you back safe and well mate...ive only been to vegas once the place is tiring enough as it is without trudging through thousands of people at ces (although, i'd give my right arm to go to a show like that or e3)

sorry to bring up the dreaded w**rms name martyn but any more news you can share with us? apparently "heavy weapon" next wednesday now...appreciate it if you cant of course...get pissed tonight you'll sleep like a log.

Martyn "Spadge" Brown said...

I really don't know how many miles myself and Kev walked when we were out there, but I'd say easily an average of 4-5 per day. You take it for granted that the Strip is 3-4 miles long (and it never looks that big) and you have to factor in how big the actual casino's & hotels are.

We didn't do that much floor walking around CES, just really the bit we were there for, but it was enough trawling around, certainly.

I'd also suggest that going to CES would be better in a single convention centre, not like how it was in Vegas, spread amongst 4-5 venues which needed various shuttle buses which took 30-45 minutes to get the 1-2 miles to the next location!

Yeah, I heard Heavy Weapon is next and whilst I am still unable to comment on Worms just yet, let's say it won't be too much longer :)

I'm up at 5am, had a few beers but didn't get uber-pissed and left the party around 11pm since my 5yr old got shattered... I was planning on returning to the party but I was too tired :-(