Monday, January 15, 2007


Amazing what a quiet night and a good night's sleep can do. I feel back to normal again, thank god. I've just been catching up on the many things outstanding back in the office and also sorting out the 40th birthday trip to Galway at the start of February, commonly referred to as "a train crash waiting to happen". A few people ducked out, but that's not a worry, there's 18 booked and I imagine that's more than enough to get a few situations kick-started out there...

I'm also having a house party on the 27th for friends & family, the house will be a bit bonkers that night so I better invite the neighbours too.

Got a busy period ahead with a number of projects on the go and new fish to fry in various market-places, so it means plenty of new stuff to consider, which is what I like.

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