Thursday, July 12, 2007

What a difference a day makes

The sun came out and it got very hot. Especially hot when you're walking a "Kilburn Mile" to Santa Monica from Venice, the very same "Kilburn Mile" which registers as actually 5.5m there and back.

Yesterday was mostly spent at a publishing partner and things seemed to go really well, which was excellent given that meeting was one of our main reasons for being over.

Later in the day we enjoyed the company of the team who did XBLA carcassonne and I played truly awful, much to the delight of John Dennis. In the evening we had some food and drinks in Venice with yet another publishing partner.

Today we visited a little bit of the "new style" E3, which is pretty low key, it has to be said - but we'd got a few meetings there - the most impressive part of it is that it's all in the hotels right on Santa Monica beach... much better than a huge conference centre downtown. It's really more of a media event and I'm sure it'll be declared successful, not that I'd really relish travelling over for it - honest.


Ben / S2K said...

I am a bit miffed that E3 became a more streamlined Invite Only affair once I'd moved to LA. Yes, I know, it was a room full of noise and light and it wasn't really fit for human consumption, but it's still an experience I feel I've been cheated out of. Even if I actually haven't been.

Glad things went really well. I know you can't say anything specific but perhaps this will yield something new from Team 17...?

Martyn "Spadge" Brown said...

E3 wasn't ever that useful and was a bit of a cock-waving exercise from a publisher point of view. Yes it was loud and brash and in your face, but it was never especially pleasant.

With regards to what we're doing, all in good time...