Friday, November 23, 2007

Jags back

My dead Jag is now back and well again, albeit with some extensive removal of funds from our 'new kitchen fund' - Katrina's been quite philosophical about that, but I'm on egg-shells and best behaviour.

I'm also back from another trip to London (I've done a few of late) and I was on an industry panel discussing the business models of the industry along with Jason Kingsley of Rebellion, Nick Button-Brown of EA and Rob Murphy of Eidos/SCi. That went quite well and I got a few laughs with some of the stuff, although it wasn't quite the setting for a spot of stand-up.

It's quite an interesting time for us since we're operating in quite a few different areas with regards the business models (i.e. work for hire, developing our own IP, publishing our own and licensing IP) and it made me seem quite experienced and knowledgeable about everything :-) (Which of course I am really, I'm not the beer-swilling clown everyone suggests I am - cough).

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