Friday, November 30, 2007

A weight on my mind

Basically my weight. I've known for the most part of the year that I'd really relaxed my diet/drink stuff in relation to the previous year following the Diabetes diagnosis.

With the blood-sugar levels under control and getting a thumbs-up/all-clear from the hospital in late 2006 it was almost like it hadn't happened at all and psychologically you begin to doubt the diagnosis.

With Team17 going swimmingly, tons of social situations involving good food & drink and no nagging, constant reminder of the acute condition Diabetes is, it's been rather easy for me to fall foul of my previous very good behaviour and pile weight back on.

I've decided that I'm going to make a big effort in the new year and get back to where I was, which is fitting comfortably into all those new clothes I bought some time back, which are now a tight squeeze (if they fit at all!). I've put a couple of stones back on which is not great and its been very easy to do.

I'm generally not good with will-power but I need to get some from somewhere... and whilst I'd planned to do this from January, I might as well start today. I can still enjoy Xmas and all that it has to offer, I just need to get back to eating and drinking stuff that will help me get rid of the pounds. No more beer, cider or Guinness for a good while then.

When I lost the weight, 3 stones of it, I felt super-energised and that was a real shock to the system. I can feel myself getting sluggish again and I need to get back to how I was.

So, it's back to firing up again and tracking my intake - this worked brilliantly for me before.

I'll see how I manage out in France next week, 3-4 days of meetings, lunches, dinners and chaos out in Lyon with the games industry folks.

...and with only 1600 calories a day to consume...

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Anonymous said...

I believe that "salad" is the same word in English and French, so at least the ordering will be easy.