Sunday, December 02, 2007

Full of cold pre Lyon trip.

I have to be up around 6am tomorrow as we're off to Lyon for the Game Connection event (as we have done for the last 4 years). Normally I'd be excited since I always really enjoy the event, but I'm struggling with a pretty bad cold - annoying when I had one that lasted 3 weeks not so long ago. I've been pretty knocked out by this one, sleeping 14-15hrs out of the last 24 - which is very unlike me.

I'm doing ok on my diet thing and haven't had anything to drink all weekend, which is incredibly off-the-radar for me. I'm just hoping I'll feel more like myself in the morning and hope the pressure in my head pops, even if it means a relentless river of goo, since that's preferable to how it is now as I worry it might end up as Sinusitis which really is lousy.

I managed to come around this afternoon and put the xmas tree up with the kids, so that's one job out of the way. Needless to say that not a bone in my body feels christmassy whatsoever.

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Ste Pickford said...

I know how you feel. Had a cold the back end of last week myself, which lingered over the weekend. It must of been bad because I couldn't face a pint on Friday.

Hope it clears up for you in Lyon