Sunday, November 18, 2007

Winter arrives...

And don't I know it. I spent about 2hrs freezing my proverbials off watching Harry and his Wrenthorpe Rangers pals playing Durkar Devils in Sandal this morning. It was even too cold to take photos and the light was so bad they'd have just been unfocused and dismal. I was glad to hear the final whistle and head for the relative warmth of the car and only slightly bothered that Harry's team managed to win 1-0 (the other Wrenthorpe team had got stuffed 12-1).

Last week was another steady one, with a night out in Birmingham on Tuesday (which I didn't rate too much, I certainly wouldn't rush back to Brum - and we ended up having to leave the comfort of a pub we found courtesy of JD refusing to remove his hat) and then a publisher presentation on Wednesday.

Otherwise a fairly quiet weekend and not much else going on. I did go to the Leeds match to see them win again (13 wins from 16 this year) and I also booked the much vaunted "big family holiday"; a Californian coastal tour next May, promised for 3 years based on the fact that I've spent 6-8 months away from home on work related stuff in the last 3 years. It'll certainly be different being on the West Coast with the sobering influence of the family rather than the games industry folks I usually indulge with.

For the record we'll be going to San Francisco (and surrounding areas), Yosemite for a few days, Santa Monica (and LA highlights) then down to San Diego. I'll be driving most of it and am quite looking forward to giving the camera a good hammering. For me it beats the two weeks we 'endured' in Florida in theme parks every other day.

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